The Personal Formation Team (PFT) includes Senior Tutors, Wellness Convenors and the Care Convenor. The team of voluntary student leaders assists residents in their personal growth.

Wellness Conveners are an important part of the College’s commitment to encouraging a “liberal education” as well as providing “care, guidance, discipline and instruction”for all residents.  The Wellness Conveners are selected by the Principal in consultation with the Dean of Students.  Click on this link for more information: Wellness Convenors Role Description 2017.

2017 Wellness Convenors

  • Shena Cooke (Lucky)
  • Emma Nonmus (Ja’mie)

Care Conveners are elected by the Student Club to organise community and environmental care participation.  They organise themed events on topics of community service fundraising and environmental sustainability. (e.g. Pink BrunchGenes for Jeans, 40-hour famine).  Please check with the Student Club Executive for more information.

2017 Care Convener

  • Convenor: Kira Boardman (Scone)
    • Paris Maunder (Twisty)
    • Dannica Shultz (Sway)