Thanks for agreeing to be a referee for one of our new applicants!
Please help us to learn some more about her.

Grace College residents are a select group. They’re committed to being in community with one another. They encourage and support one another in the many diverse activities in which they are involved—from study to sport; cultural activities to social events; through opportunities for spiritual nurture, community service, and personal development; in seeking to care for one another, the community around us, and the environment.

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The form to complete a confidential referral can be accessed by clicking on the link here:  Confidential Reference Form 2016

We’d like you to help us work out whether this applicant
is a good fit for our College.

Full Name of Applicant:

Full Name of Referee:

Best Phone/Email Contact for Referee:

How long have you known the Applicant?

In what capacity have you know the Applicant?


Tell us about how the applicant operates in a community (e.g. class, church, social or service group).


What do you think the applicant finds most energising?


What do you think the applicant finds least energising?


What do you think the applicant would offer a community like Grace College?


In what ways do you think the applicant would benefit from a community like Grace College?


From what you know about the applicant and the College, would you characterise the applicant as a “good fit” for the College?

o  Yes

o Probably

o  Possibly

o  No

o  Not able to comment

Please rate the applicant on the following characteristics using the indicated scale:

E – Exceptional/Outstanding
B – Better Than Most People
G – As Good As Most People
N – Not As Good as Most People
X – Not Able to Comment

Characteristic E B G N X Additional Comments (If Any)
Academic Ability            
Application to Task            
Ability to Express Herself Verbally            
Ability to Express Herself in Writing            
Sense of Responsibility            
Organisational Skills            
Time Management            
Self Awareness            
Awareness of Others            
Team Spirit            
Emotional Maturity            
Acceptance of Appropriate Authority            
Willingness to Challenge Injustice            
Generosity of Spirit            
Day-to-Day Living Skills            
Ability to Relate to Diverse People            
Ability to Fit In with Others            
Ability to Challenge Others            
Overall Character as a Person            

Thank you for your assistance with this important deliberation!