Active Faith @ Grace

Through college Godparents Active Faith  seeks to:

  • bear faithful witness to the life and work of Jesus Christ;
  • provide pastoral support, Christian formation and community development within UCA-affiliated residential college and the wider university community, and
  • emphasise the core values of service, humility and excellence (Beneficium – Modestia – Bonitas)

Godparents are available on Fridays from 12 – 2 pm and by appointment:

For more information, please contact Anita at

What is the role of Godparent?  Please read more here:  College Godparents

Active Faith History

In 2014, the Chaplaincy Commission of the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod (UCA), developed a new model for UQ-based Chaplaincy by shifting funding from an individual UQ Chaplain to a model shared by 3 local congregations:  Indooroopilly, Toowong and St Lucia.

During 2014 and 2015, Grace College partnered with Indooroopilly Uniting Church to have 2 chaplains on site on a regular basis.  In 2015 Active Faith was launched as a common identity linking the work of the UCA-related individuals and congregations in the UQ setting.

The vision of Active Faith is to continue to develop vital and vibrant ministry in the university setting grounded in service, humility and excellent with direct links to the support offered by local congregations.

Grace College is providing administrative support to Active Faith team members through the work of the Community Relations Co-ordinator.  Active Faith has activities at: Cromwell, Emmanuel and Kings Colleges at UQ; and Raymont Lodge at Trinity College Queensland.

Grace College Context

Grace College is a residential college located on the St Lucia campus of The University of Queensland (UQ).  It operates under the auspices of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA), and the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ).  According to the Constitution, the College exists to:

(a) provide proper accommodation and tuition for women students of UQ for the purpose of giving such students the benefit of collegiate life and of making provision for their care, guidance, discipline and instruction;

(b) encourage a liberal education for its students by endeavouring to draw its students from all faculties within UQ;

(c) provide all necessary facilities for the presentation and instruction in the Christian faith, including worship, study, teaching and counselling; and

(d) encourage students to relate their academic disciplines to Christianity and grow in the Christian faith.


page last updated:  9 September 2016