The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all!

Welcome to the Grace College website!

The College is an activity of The Uniting Church in Australia and The Presbyterian Church of Australia. It opened in 1970 to provide accommodation in a Christian environment for young women attending the University of Queensland.

The ethos of Grace College is steeped in the Christian faith. Not all residents and staff identity themselves as Christian; but we all live and work in a context that values:

  • honouring God;
  • care for one another;
  • service to those in need;
  • commitment to community; and
  • nurturing one anothers’ gifts.

Grace College encourages residents to live a balanced life that weaves together academic study, sporting and cultural activities, opportunities for social and community service, and spiritual nurture.

Finding what gives us meaning and purpose is a crucial part of our life journey. It helps to give us direction; and ground our action. Residents are strongly encouraged to explore that aspect of their lives.

The founders of the College give us a glimpse into their sense of meaning and purpose by their choice of motto for the college: “My grace is sufficient” (2 Corinthians 12:9). The apostle Paul recounts some words of reassurance that were given to him when he despaired of a physical impediment. The second part of the quote is “for power is made perfect in weakness.” The whole quote invites us to give thanks for the life that is ours as a gift from God, and to rejoice in what that enables us to do and to be in our weakness as well as in our strength.

Awareness of the whole of life as a gift impels us to act out of a sense of gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. Gratitude impels us to share who we are and what we have with others. This kind of sharing is the basis for healthy community.

My prayer is that the Grace College community is and will continue to be a healthy community that helps to prepare and support young women for life as well as for tertiary study.


Grace and peace,
Revd. Dr. Anita Monro
B.A., B.Th., B.Litt.(Hons), Ph.D.