The Grace College Council is responsible for determining policy and ensuring appropriate management of the College.  The Grace College constitution, including the role of the council, can be found here:  Grace College Constitution

The Grace College Council consists of the following members.  Hyperlinks to the various organisations are on each line:

The current voting members of the Grace College Council are:

Rev. Lyn Burden (UCA)

Mrs Wendy Devine (Alumna)
      Deputy Chairperson

Rev. Dr Elizabeth Nolan (UCA)

Mr Adrian Rex (UCA)

  • Ms Shannon Batch (Alumna)
  • Mrs Kylie Brown (PCQ)
  • Mrs Kristine Gask (PCQ)
  • Ms Tess Van Der Veen (GCSC)
  • Mrs Angela Hili (UCA)
  • Prof. Doune Macdonald (UQ Senate)
  • Mrs Jocelyn Manique (UCA)
  • Rev. Graeme McKay (PCQ)
  • Ms Emily Muirhead (GCSC)
  • Ms Roxana Paterson (Dean; Permanent Observer)
  • Ms. Michelle Stickley (Alumna)
  • Prof Jenny Strong (UCA)
  • Mrs Chanelle Michael (PCQ)