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Principal’s Welcome

2022 will be a landmark year for Grace College as we move to embrace the broadest ever student mix since we opened our doors at The University of Queensland campus more than half a century ago. From now on, we are embracing a progressive approach to university life by becoming gender inclusive. In the past, we have supported a female cohort only, of undergraduate and postgraduate residents providing a place that allows them to embrace the joys of living and learning in a supportive community. Now, we welcome everyone.

A Safe Community

We want our community to be a safe, welcoming and nurturing place for all students at university in Brisbane and especially at The University of Queensland St Lucia Campus. We want you to feel like you belong so that you can achieve.

A Message from our Founders

The founders of Grace give us a glimpse into their hopes and dreams for us by the choice of our motto: “My grace is sufficient” (2 Corinthians 12:9). An early Christian worker penned these words to share an important insight with emerging communities: the support of someone beyond yourself means that you are capable of so much more. The apostle Paul discloses the struggles he’s had and how the awareness of the presence of God’s graciousness and hospitality enabled him to keep going through it all.

That’s what we’d like to do for you! We’d like to offer you the space and support that you need to succeed in your studies and become the person you are. We’d also like to give you the chance to be part of a community that will do that for others too. #gofarjustasyouare #gofarwithgrace

A Diverse Community

Our residents come from many different backgrounds. We don’t all believe the same things or have the same gifts and talents. We do all live in a community that seeks to care for, support and encourage one another as we make our respective ways in our complex, challenging world. We believe that you can meet the challenges that are before you. We want you to be a part of a community that believes that too and empowers one another to do just that!

How about you?

Together we are the community of Grace. Will you accept our greeting of welcome, hospitality and support, and become a part of offering it to others too?

Grace and peace,
Revd. Dr. Anita Monro
B.A., B.Th., B.Litt.(Hons), Ph.D., GradCertBus (Philanthropy & NpSt)

Principal Anita with Graduating student