Student Life in UQ On-Campus Accommodation

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Grace College is a place where you can be yourself
and succeed as the person who you are.

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Kadia and Sarah are 2 of our current Resident Assistants.
Resident Assistant, Kadia (on the left in the photo) describes a day in her life at Grace College:

The day begins with my alarm going off at 8:30 am, just enough time to make it to breakfast before it closes. There I find my friends all chatting, discussing the exploits of the previous night, or how much uni work they still have left to do on an assignment they probably should have started a week ago. After breakfast I settle down with my laptop and try and get some study done, but sometimes Netflix wins out and I’m suddenly 7 episodes into a new season of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Suddenly it’s lunchtime and I head down excitedly to see what the options are today. Is it my lucky day and it’s nachos? There again I see my friends who tell me how they went straight back to bed after breakfast or those who were unfortunate to have an 8am prac and have just arrived back. Afterwards I once again attempt some work but by 3 pm the temptation of going outside and taking Rudy for a walk is to much and that assignment is due in a week so I have tons of time. After the best night at Grace, pasta night duh! I hangout with the Gracies in my floor common room or possibly go attend a sporting event. Ending my day with a nice warm shower, I go to bed thankful for another fun day.