But what if you live off-campus in Brisbane already and you’d still like to have the College experience?

Try our 2021 Associate Membership Program!

Associate Members:

  • participate in the College’s community development program;
  • dine with the College community weekly on Tuesday nights of UQ Teaching Weeks;
  • participate in the College’s Personal Formation Program;
  • have access to the College’s tutorial program;
  • participate in College social events;
  • have use of the Colleges’ recreational and sporting facilities from 8:30 am to 10 pm;
  • may purchase Meal Vouchers for additional meals in the Dining Room; and
  • may attend Orientation Week activities (if not previously attended).

Apply online in the same way as student residents.

Per Semester Full Year O-Week Activity Fee
(optional addition)
O-Week Accommodation Fee
(optional addition)
$600 $1000 $295 $520
Apply Now

Associate members are assigned a Floor Group with a Resident Assistant and participate in Floor Group activities.

These are just some of the events that Associate Members can participate in:

  • Academic tutorials and mentoring
  • Social events
    • Grace@Home in Semester 1
    • Hen’s Night in Semester 2
  • Wellness Week;
  • Faith & Life sessions
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Christmas Craft
    • Ramadan Dinner
  • Community Service Projects
    • Do It In a Dress
    • Clean Up Australia
    • Resident Camp-Out
    • Purple Brunch
  • Special Dinners
    • Weekly Community Dinners
    • Cele-GRACE-ion in Semester 1
    • Academic Dinner in Semester 1
    • Valedictory Dinner in Semester 2
    • Leadership Dinner in Semester 2

Associate members have access to facilities like:

  • onsite gym
  • outdoor study & recreation area
  • air-conditioned common rooms
  • kitchenettes
  • bathrooms
  • laundries