Fully Catered Meals

The benefits of living on campus don’t just relate to your proximity to the University of Queensland. Your taste buds and love of good food will also be rewarded. Fully catered student accommodation at Grace College means that you can always eat healthily even when you’re busy. Fresh seasonal produce is key!

Fully catered on-campus living fresh produce, meats and salads

Having three meals a day provided while studying makes things super easy. You don’t need to meal plan, shop for lunches or spend time trying to figure out what that new culinary term “sauté” means. Our on-campus chefs whip up scrumptious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our kitchen also provides snacks for you to satisfy those 3pm hunger and study pains. If you have late night lectures or tutorials, we will make sure your dinner is available when you get back home.

Variety of Dietary Needs

Our kitchen prepares delicious meals with options for you to make your own lunches. We cater for a wide range of dietary needs, so you will be sure that your taste buds will be looked after when you join us on-campus at Grace Student Accommodation.

Focus on your studies and have life organised for you. Contact us to find out how you can be enjoying a fully catered semester with Grace College.

Fully catered on-campus living with a wide variety of options