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Information for Students living at Grace College

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Whether you are a current student, living on-campus at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus, or a prospective student interested in all that on-campus college life has to offer,  you will no doubt be interested to know a few things about Grace College.

Our Student Resident Handbook outlines almost everything you will need to know about our College: from fun things like our college Mascot, Phoebe the mythical Phoenix, to more serious matters like the hours of operation for our gym. You will find a wealth of information that will help to make your time at Grace simply amazing!

Interested to know about Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on-campus? Look no further than the handbook. We have compiled all the juicy details into one handy resource for you.

For a quick snapshot of everything we provide click here.

College Residential Accommodation
Grace’s On-Campus Student Life
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The College exists to provide a supportive study environment for women attending university in Brisbane. Our policies, procedures and rules are developed to support such an environment. Residential places are available to female tertiary students only. While preference is given to students of The University of Queensland, students of other universities are eligible to apply.