• Taking donations at Puppies & Pancakes
  • Personal Formation Team with dog
  • Student leaders with fluffy dog
  • Fresha with a fox terrier
  • Care Convenors and Red Frogs at Puppies and Pancakes
  • On our way to clean-up UQ with Rudy
  • Cleaning around bicycle stands
  • Some of our clean-up crew
  • Student leaders ready to clean-up
The Personal Formation Team (PFT) consists of:
  • Faith & Life Convenors appointed by the Principal; and
  • Care Convenors elected by the Student Club.

They help the resident community to explore issues of faith, life, health, wellbeing and community service.

The PFT is supported by our Associate Dean, Laura Campbell-Snape, and our Deputy Principal, Roxana Paterson.

Care Convenors coordinate the participation of the Grace College community in the Inter-College Council (ICC) Community Cup.

Lots of activities are on hold because of COVID-19. However, our Faith & Life Convenors have organised weekly worship services. “Do It In A Dress” is the next big focus for our Care Convenors.

Meet your 2020 Personal Formation Team

Rou Jing or Montez
Rou Jing Tham (Montez)

Student Club Care Convenor

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Degree: Bachelor of Health Science
Favourite thing about Grace: It’s really easy to make friends that support and motivate each other!

Shenelle or Vuitton
Shenelle Goh (Vuitton)

Student Club Care Convenor

Hometown: Singapore
Degree: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: The loving and supportive community, and the amazing friends that I’ve made.

Angel Dasari (Light)

Faith & Life Convenor

Favourite thing about Grace:

Catherine or Jive
Catherine Sayer (Jive)

Faith & Life Convenor

Hometown: Smithton, Tasmania
Degree: Bachelor of Regional & Town Planning
Favourite thing about Grace: All of the amazing friends I have made (and pancake day each week).