The Personal Formation Team (PFT) consists of:
  • Faith & Life Convenors appointed by the Principal;
  • Wellness Convenors appointed by the Principal;
  • International Students Convenors appointed by the Principal; and
  • Care Convenors elected by the Student Club.

They help the resident community to explore issues of faith, life, health, wellbeing, cross-cultural experience and community service.

The PFT is supported by our Associate Dean, Laura Campbell-Snape, and our Deputy Principal, Roxana Paterson.

Care Convenors coordinate the participation of the Grace College community in the Inter-College Council (ICC) Community Cup.

Activities organised by the PFT include Wellness Week, Purple Brunch, Puppies & Pancakes, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Craft and Ramadan Dinner.

Meet your 2021 Personal Formation Team

Shenelle Goh, Student Club Care Convenor
Shenelle Goh (Vuitton)

Student Club Care Convenor

Favourite thing about Grace:

Anri Barnard (Flick), Wellness Convenor
Anri Barnard (Flick)

Wellness Convenor

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Degree: Master of Audiology Studies
Favourite thing about Grace: My favourite thing about Grace is the community. At Grace, you will make life-long friends from all around the world who will always be down for a movie marathon or a cheeky maccas run. These friends will become family and will have your back and support you through all that life can throw at you.

Felicia Ang (Strings), Wellness Convenor
Felicia Ang (Strings)

Wellness Convenor

Hometown: Singapore
Degree: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: I love that Grace has such a close-knitted community where everyone is supportive of each other. I can always count on my fellow Gracies, who never fail to put a smile on my face and make life at Grace an amazing one. Also, Rudy will always hold a special place in my heart!!

Heidi McCormick, Faith & Life Convenor
Heidi McCormick (Strudel)

Faith & Life Convenor

Hometown: Glen Innes, New South Wales
Degree: Bachelors of Arts / Education (Secondary)
Favourite thing about Grace: Coming from a rural area to a city, I have immensely appreciated the way that Gracies stick together. I love that I can strike up a conversation with anyone in the dining hall, and I’m not afraid to be myself around anyone.

Sao Yu Nandi (Cheddar)
Sao Yu Nandi (Cheddar)

International Student Convenor

Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar
Degree: Bachelor of Economics
Favourite thing about Grace: Meeting life-long friends from all over the world.