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The Grace College Student Club facilitates the involvement of our residents in all the inter-college competitions and events. They also make sure we have plenty of in-house activities too!

Whether you want to compete in “College Idol”, Athletics or “Dancefest”, there’s something fun and exciting for everyone. The Student Club organises social events such as the “@Home”, Puppies & Pancakes and the annual Ball. The Student Club ensures your residency at Grace is fun, healthy and provides ample opportunities to embrace your competitive spirit.

Meet your 2020 Student Club Executive

Sophie Holt
Sophie Harwood (Holt)


Hometown: Rockhampton, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Primary Education
Favourite thing about Grace: The friends that become sisters for life! Also the sense of community and support you feel, all year round!!

Grainne or Di Caprio
Grainne Farrant (DiCaprio)


Hometown: Kallangur, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor Arts/Social Science (Majoring in Psychology and Public/Social Policy)
Favourite thing about Grace: The atmosphere: Grace is the perfect place to grow and experience new things. The ongoing support from the girls is super reassuring especially when you have just moved out of home.

Samantha or Brulee
Samantha Cavaliere (Brulee)


Hometown: Mackay, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Favourite thing about Grace: The community! I love how supportive and friendly all the girls are.

Josie or Puma
Josie Shepherd (Puma)


Hometown: Mackay, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Criminology & Criminal Justice (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: All the amazing friends you make!

Jessica or Fresha
Jessica Beanland (Fresher)


Hometown: Rockhampton, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: The many cultural, sport and social events! And the last minute late night study sesh’s with all the gals.

Gemma or Extra
Gemma Ivory (Extra)


Hometown: Malanda, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: All the opportunities it provides you with through meeting new people and participating in everything.

Nicole or Consuela
Nicole Tan (Consuela)


Hometown: Singapore
Degree: Bachelor of Speech Pathology
Favourite thing about Grace: Having Grace gals around you as an amazing support group throughout your University life (and possibly the rest of your life).

Julia or Martini
Julia Nicholls (Martini)


Hometown: Los Angeles, California, United States
Degree: Bachelor of Business Management
Favourite thing about Grace: Having amazing friends wherever you go and whenever you need them.

Student Club Calendar in a “Normal” Year

First Semester:

Cultural Events

  • Grace’s Got Talent
  • ICC College Idol
  • ICC Debating
  • ICC Chess
  • ICC Choralfest
  • ICC Bandfest

Sporting Events

  • Swimming Carnival
  • Water Polo
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country Carnival
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Rowing
  • Touch Football

Social Events

  • Inter-GRACE-ion
  • ICC Ball
  • Cele-GRACE-ion
  • Grace@Home
Second Semester:

Cultural Events

  • ICC Oratory
  • ICC One Act Play
  • ICC Dancefest
  • Grace Art Show
  • ICC Art Show

Sporting Events

  • Soccer
  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Netball

Social Events

  • Grace College Student Club Ball
  • Grace College Student Club Recovery
  • disGRACEful
  • Hen’s Night
  • Purple Brunch
  • Valedictory Dinner

Grace residents automatically sign up to the Student Club as part of the enrolment process. For more information about Student Club, please email graceadmin@grace.uq.edu.au

Take a look at some of our past events and be inspired!