Grace College Tertiary On-Campus Living for Students from China

Travelling overseas to study can be difficult for students.
At Grace College we  partner with Students from China and the University of Queensland to help make your stay enjoyable and rewarding.

Revd. Dr. Anita Monro – Principal
B.A., B.Th., B.Litt.(Hons), Ph.D., GradCertBus (Philanthropy & NpSt)

Grace College, situated on-campus at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus, has been home to many Chinese students throughout our 50-year history. With international students from China making up the most significant international cohort at UQ, Grace College has provided a living environment of safety and inclusion. Our college provides a caring community atmosphere with social, sporting and emotional support programs for our residents.

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  • Accommodation packages with large, comfortable fully-furnished rooms

  • Catering for international students’ dietary needs – 3 meals per day, 7 days per week with packed lunches & snacks available

  • Inclusive and respectful culture, based on strong community values

  • Safe and supportive environment of women only residents

  • Your home away from home

  • Large outdoor study and recreational spaces with modern outdoor furniture, decks and green spaces

  • Access academic support, with an inclusive student club organising social, fundraising and recreational activities

  • Culturally diverse group of caring and respectful undergraduate and post graduate residents

  • A place where you can be comfortable just being yourself


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Chinese Students enrolled at UQ
Academic Staff are Chinese Nationals
UQ Alumni in China

Student Accommodation

Grace College Standard Room

We offer accommodation packages suited to Chinese Students studying at Brisbane Universities. A fully furnished room including 3 meals per day, snacks, free Wi-Fi, comfortable common areas with both internal and external study areas and an on-site gym. There is nothing left to do – our friendly staff provide a homely environment where you are left to focus on your studies and not have to buy groceries, cook meals, clean the house or deal with endless bills and forgetful house-mates.

Situated on-campus at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus, we offer blended learning and living opportunities to best meet your needs. Do you enjoy spending time with other students, having the opportunity for discussion with other learners? Do you prefer to study in your own room with comfortable surroundings and a peaceful environment? We have the facilities to ensure your education comes first, but we also look after your social needs too.

Chinese students living on-campus at Grace College have access to many clubs and societies that embrace the sharing of cultures, academic achievements and social engagements.

  •  Australia-China Youth Association

  • UQ Chinese Students and Scholars Association

  • Chinese Debating Association

  • Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Club


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“Grace College played a HUGE part of my life studying in the University of Queensland. Grace is like my home away from home, it has been such a lovely environment to live in, allowing me to get the most out of my time here in Brisbane. I enjoy the experience of being a part of a caring, loving and nurturing community of girls who are so supportive of one another!”

Cheng Mun (China)– Grace College International Resident 2017-2019

Chinese Student and Grace College Resident