Resident Recommendations

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“From the moment I started to consider what I wanted to do after I graduated, I was researching colleges. At the time it seemed unlikely that I would be able to afford it, but through the generosity of my parents and grandparents, I was given the opportunity to attend Grace College. Coming from a smaller city, I was incredibly grateful to see how close a community Grace is. I was surprised by how disappointed I was when I had to go home for the end of semester one, considering how briefly I had known the Grace girls, and amazed by how quickly and easily I was welcomed back for semester two. So many people have contributed to my being here – and being so happy here – and I am so thankful. I know that I will never forget this wonderful (and very purple) time in my life. Yeah the Grace girls!”

Testimonial from Emily (Nessie) – pictured in the middle

UQ on-campus student resident testimonials

There is no doubt that Grace has become my second home. From unexpected card games in the hallways, trying out for numerous sporting and cultural events (even if it’s just for fun), and friends popping in at anytime for a chat, the community at Grace could not be more supportive. Don’t get me wrong there are times you miss the comforts of home, but at Grace you’re given a second family. A family of strong, supportive, and powerful young women. A family I’m lucky to be a part of!

Testimonial from Julia (Domino) 

“Living at Grace College has been one of the best experiences of my life. The strong support network of students and staff has been something that I have really appreciated, as someone is always there to encourage you. The many cultural, sporting and social activities that college offers are also great. You have a chance to try new things you might not otherwise do. I’ll forever be grateful to Grace for this experience.”

Testimonial from Sophia (Pompei) (pictured on left)

Sophia - UQ on-campus student resident testimonials

UQ on-campus student resident testimonials - Cheng

Grace College played a HUGE part of my life studying in the University of Queensland. Grace is like my home away from home, it has been such a lovely environment to live in, allowing me to get the most out of my time here in Brisbane. I enjoy the experience of being apart of a caring, loving and nurturing community of girls who are so supportive of one another!

Testimonial from Cheng Mun (Slide)

“I honestly had no idea what college was when I moved into Grace two years ago. I was quickly introduced to a tightknit community of beautiful, likeminded and fun-loving girls. Grace acted as my home away from home, providing me with the support I needed to make it through that daunting first year at university. They provided me with tutorials for all of my first year classes, had friendly resident assistants to chat to about any concerns and had an executive team that facilitated college events that we could all get involved in. Grace provided me with many opportunities to challenge myself and reach outside of my comfort zone such as joining the various sporting and cultural teams and attending the various social events we have. I’ve been a member of the Grace rowing, basketball, touch, debating and dancefest teams. I’ve enjoyed going to our annual at home and ball events as well as meeting other likeminded students at the various other colleges. Grace has also given me opportunities to expand my leadership abilities through development programs and holding college positions such as being a member of the executive team. Grace has ultimately provided me with a safe inclusive environment to focus on my academic studies and develop life-long friendships”.

Testimonial from Tarsha (Hero) 

Tarsha UQ on-campus student resident testimonials

UQ on-campus student resident testimonials Yukiko

“Grace College was my first choice for a residential college and I have no doubt that I made the best choice for me. The Grace College community was so warm and so welcoming which made me feel at home. This was very important as I came from abroad. I had such a great experience at Grace College and now have friends for a lifetime. I grew as a person by working on things I’m already strong at and also had the opportunity to challenge myself. Grace College was so welcoming and supportive through my journey”.

Yukiko (Apollo) 

“Coming from New Zealand to Australia was already a big move as I knew absolutely no one so when I walked into Grace College, it was heart-warming to see so many friendly faces that were willing to help me settle in. College life is one of the best experiences I’ve had. There are so many leadership opportunities that help us to grow and develop. I had the honour of being an O-Week Coach and being able to introduce the freshers into our amazing Grace College community. I have never felt alone at this College because everyone is always supportive and always willing to help.”

Visalini (Toastie) 

Visalini UQ on-campus student resident testimonials