Life at Grace

Life at Grace .

Wellbeing .

You’re at your best when you feel like you belong. That’s why at Grace we strive to make our community a safe, welcoming, and nurturing place, where you feel completely at home.


Peer support .

Peer support takes many forms at Grace, from your floor’s Resident Assistant, through to the Personal Formation Team, committee convenors and Student Club Executives, there’s always a friendly face and helping hand.

Because we don’t segregate our blocks by year level, you’ll develop friendships with students beyond just first-years, expanding your support network even further.

Curious to know more about leadership at Grace? Meet the team.

Personal, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Personal, mental and spiritual wellbeing .

We have a calendar of activities and initiatives to support your mental and physical health while you’re studying. Wellness Week, Purple Brunch, Puppies & Pancakes, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Craft and Ramadan Dinner are some special favourites among the residents.

As an inclusive college, we welcome students of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. We have a dedicated space for prayer, meditation and quiet reflection, and provide pastoral care through trained staff and College ‘Godparents’.

Supporting healthy bodies and healthy minds .

As well as Grace’s own well-equipped gym, Gold Level membership with UQ sport (free with our all-inclusive package) means access to fitness classes, swimming pools, tennis courts, tracks, and training facilities. Grace also fields 15+ sporting teams through the Inter-College Council sports competitions.

For your general health needs, the UQ Health Centre, Dental Clinic and on-campus pharmacy are a 5-minute walk. And for added peace of mind, all our staff and student leaders are trained in first aid and mental health first aid.


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