Life at Grace

Life at Grace .

Co-curriculars .

Leaving school doesn’t have to mean leaving your passion for sport, performing arts or competition behind. Our broad calendar of activities and events ensures your time at university isn’t all work and no play, providing plenty of opportunities to showcase your talents and competitive spirit.

Student Club Membership .

The Grace College Student Club will help you get involved in all the inter-college competitions and events. They also make sure we have plenty of in-house activities too! Whether you want to compete in “College Idol”, Athletics or “Dancefest”, there’s something fun and exciting for everyone.

The Student Club organises social and community events, too, such as the “@Home”, Puppies & Pancakes and the Annual Ball.

All residents have membership included in their fees, and non-residential members can join in all the fun through our Associate Membership Program.

The Inter-Collegiate Council (ICC) .

The Inter-Collegiate Council (ICC) forms the backbone of what many residents love about college life – the sporting, cultural, social and community events!

The ICC is the intercollegiate body made up of representatives from all the 10 colleges who come together to deliver events, facilitate two main competitions (Cultural Cup and Sporting Cup) and foster connections between the colleges. A playful rivalry is of course traditional, and college pride encouraged.

Inter-Collegiate Sport .

Grace has a proud tradition of achievement in Inter-College sport throughout our 50 year history. Teams and sports vary year-to-year depending on demand. The current list of ICC sports include:

  • Australian Football (AFL)
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket (Men's)
  • Hockey
  • Netball (Women's)
  • Rowing
  • Rugby Union (Men's)
  • Rugby 7s (Women's)
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball

Inter-Collegiate Cultural Competitions .

Attending Grace gives you many opportunities to participate in cultural activities. From first-timers, through to seasoned professionals, the college environment is the perfect place to explore something new or show-off a hidden talent. The current list of ICC cultural events and competitions include:

  • One Act Play, for amateurs and theatre kids alike.
  • Dancefest, the annual intercollege dance competition.
  • Choralfest, the hotly-contested choral competition.
  • Bandfest, a 'battle of the bands' style showdown.
  • College Idol, where soloists sing their hearts out.
  • Debating, for professional arguers.
  • Oratory, showcasing the best in public speaking.
  • Chess, a competitive tournament of strategy.
  • Art Show, for budding Picassos, Kahlos and Renoirs.

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