Our Community .

Gifts and Donations .

Gifts are a great way to pass on the Grace experience to new generations and safeguard the college’s future. Your donation may honour someone dear, or as a past resident you may wish to give back. You may also simply be passionate about the power of education. No matter the size, every donation, bequest and bursary makes a positive difference.

Support for Scholarships .

Transitions in life are always challenging – especially that first move away from home. Supporting that move provides the foundation for our next generation of scientists, researchers, innovators, educators, healthcare workers and change-makers looking to solve the challenges facing our world.

Your donation has a direct positive impact for residents who otherwise would not be able to attend college. Just $90 provides one day of all-inclusive accommodation for a student in financial need. A donation of $3,000 provides a targeted Entry Scholarship for:

  • a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background
  • an Australian from a drought-affected rural or remote area; or
  • an international student moving to Australia for study; or
  • an outstanding sportsperson, arts or community contributor.

Meet the 2021 Scholarship Recipients .

Coming from an immigrant family with both parents currently in low-paying culinary occupations in regional Queensland, I would not have imagined being able to come to the University of Queensland without the help of the scholarship. The scholarship has allowed the content of my worries to be not of how I was going to manage my tight budget but of how to start my upcoming assignment. The financial support from Grace has been nothing short of a blessing.

The scholarship helped me to focus on my studies and I felt relieved and grateful that I could enjoy myself without worrying about finances. My studies are going really well, I am enjoying my courses very much and I haven’t felt too overwhelmed this year.

I am someone who has dealt with financial hardship for a long time, and with parents who are separated with my dad overseas and my mum in NSW, it is hard to receive that consistent financial support. Given other personal financial situations, I myself am paying for my Grace fees with my savings from work; and working while studying is very hard to do to accumulate the needed fees for Grace. This scholarship helped me immensely as it meant I could take more time to focus on my academics and enjoy the college environment, without having to dedicate so much time working. It relieved a huge level of stress off my shoulders and brought so much joy to me and my family

My scholarship has helped by allowing me to study without the worry of working to be able to keep my position here at Grace, helping me focus on my uni work and this community. For me the best thing about Grace is the community, I love my fellow Gracies. All of the events we have on at Grace are fun and bring this great sense of connection and relationship between everyone at college. I just enjoy hanging out with this great group of people I live with.

Help us create pathways for future residents .

Donations can be made via card, cheque, money order, or through a direct bank deposit.

  • Mastercard / Visa: To make an over the phone donation, please contact our friendly administration.
  • Cheque: If making a donation by cheque, please make it payable to Grace College and send to: Grace College 65 Walcott Street, St Lucia QLD 4067
  • Bank transfer or direct deposit: Donations can be made using the details below.

Grace College holds Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status; and gifts may be tax deductible in Australia.

Bank Details:

Account Name:Grace College


Account Number:00904737

Swift Code:CTBAAU2S

So we can identify donations from bank transfers, please include ‘Donation FullName’ in the description field; e.g. Donation JaneSmith. 

Bequests & Bursaries .

While we encourage you to seek independent legal advice about the form that such a gift should take, the following forms of bequest are offered by way of general guidance.

General Bequests

I give $[…] to Grace College for the charitable purposes of Grace College and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of the College shall be an absolute discharge for my trustees who shall not be liable for the application of those funds.

Bequests to establish a bursary

I give $ … to Grace College Foundation upon trust for the establishment and maintenance of a bursary to be awarded annually to the resident of Grace College who attained the highest level of achievement in University courses in the field of … during the preceding academic year and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of the College shall be an absolute discharge for my trustees who shall not be liable for the application of those funds.

Donors who wish to establish a bursary are encouraged either to specify the field of study in broad terms (e.g. health sciences, humanities) or to nominate two or more alternative fields of study (e.g. English literature, foreign languages or history).

Donors wishing to establish a specific bursary are invited to contact the Principal to discuss the particular needs of the College.

Invest in the next generation of change-makers.

Join us in supporting our best and brightest to live and learn. No matter the size, every donation makes a positive difference.