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Grace is a second home for students, especially for someone who is planning to study aboard; is looking to experience different cultures and build new friendships. If you are someone like me, who doesn’t know how to cook and prefers a healthy diet, Grace offers three delicious meal plans packed with nutritious food. And when it comes to difficulties, I genuinely admire the amount of help I received from all the college staff and friends. They are truly amazing people.

Rithy (from Cambodia)

Leaving home for the first time and moving to a big city alone was definitely daunting, but Grace quickly became my home away from home. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and take part in many opportunities being cultural, sporting, social and leadership. I’ve made life long friends, including the college dog, and will be forever grateful for my time spent at Grace!

Molly (from Rockhampton Q.)

Coming from a rural area to a city, I have immensely appreciated the way that Gracies stick together.

I love that I can strike up a conversation with anyone in the dining hall, and I’m not afraid to be myself around anyone.

Heidi (from Glenn Innes, NSW) (on left)

Coming from New Zealand to Australia was already a big move as I knew absolutely no one. So when I walked into Grace College, it was heart-warming to see so many friendly faces that were willing to help me settle in.

College life is one of the best experiences I’ve had. There are so many leadership opportunities that helped me to grow and develop.

I have never felt alone here because everyone is always supportive and always willing to help.

Visalini (from Aotearoa New Zealand)

There is no doubt that Grace has become my second home. From unexpected card games in the hallways, trying out for numerous sporting and cultural events (even if it’s just for fun), and friends popping in at anytime for a chat, the community at Grace could not be more supportive.

At Grace you’re given a second family. A family of strong, supportive, and powerful young people. A family I’m lucky to be a part of!

Julia (from Macksville NSW) (on right)

As an international student, I used to worry about my overseas life, like different languages, cultures and relationships with others. But Grace enabled me to face those difficulties. For me, the English tutorial is a big help and the Admin guided me to integrate into the university faster and better as well.

I’m not alone here as I feel free to join clubs, tutorials and communities, which are great opportunities to improve my skills and make friends.

There is no doubt living at Grace College is my best choice, where there is a safe, community, respect and engagement environment for study and life.

Becky (from China) (in middle)

One of the things I thank Grace College a lot is warm and inclusive community developed by many events and everyday meals. I was enormously helped by the interactions I could have at every meal time because I came to Brisbane alone as an international student. And, don’t forget, you can eat a  variety of delicious foods including cakes and ice creams!

Yuka (from Japan)


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