Life at Grace

Life at Grace .

Associate Membership Program .

The Associate Membership program is designed to offer the benefits of College community to students who aren’t able to live on campus at college.

This is ideal for students who are already living off-campus in Brisbane, or those who missed out on receiving a spot in the residential program.

Associate membership includes: .

  • Weekly Tuesday night dinners with the College community during the semester
  • Participation in the college‚Äôs community development and personal formation program
  • Access to the college's tutorial program
  • Invites to Grace's sporting, cultural and social events
  • Access to Grace's recreational and communal spaces 8:30am - 10pm every day
  • Casual meal vouchers available for purchase
  • Invitation to orientation week activities in your first year
  • The option for short stays at Grace accommodation

Cost and applications .

Applying for an Associate Membership place is easy – simply follow our online admissions process the same as you would for residential membership.

Costs for Associate Membership in 2023 are:

  • Single semester: $750AUD
  • Full academic year: $1200AUD

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