History & Governance .

Foundations & future .

Our Values .

Grace College is an inclusive, respectful, safe home for a diverse community of independent, creative, compassionate tertiary students, working together to succeed academically, develop holistically, and contribute globally.

  • Community – living and working together through challenges and achievements to contribute globally.
  • Compassion – treating ourselves, others and the environment with understanding, empathy and care.
  • Engagement – engaging with each other, our studies, our work and our world, intentionally, with curiosity and in a healthy way.
  • Respect – valuing ourselves, others and our world.
  • Inclusion – embracing diversity.

Our Name & Foundations .

On 6 May 1969, the then Presbyterian and Methodist Women’s College Council adopted a new name and motto for the College being constructed: Grace.

“Grace” is the word normally used to translate the koine Greek word charis in the Christian Scriptures. Charis variously means gift, blessing, favour, gratitude, thanks and kindness. 

Love and generosity are at the heart of Christian community. They are also important human values shared by many traditions and perspectives.

Established in 1970, Grace College was jointly funded by the Methodist and Presbyterian churches in Queensland. The College is now an agency of The Uniting Church in Australia (Qld Synod) and The Presbyterian Church of Queensland; and is an affiliated residential college with The University of Queensland.

Our Future .

We celebrate the history of the community that the College has fostered and developed. We acknowledge the rich theological connotations that the name ‘Grace’ embodies; and the connections it maintains with the Christian foundations of the College.

As we have considered the mission of the College in the contemporary context, the Grace College Council has recognised a more expansive need for sharing community in a university student body that continues to become ever more diverse.

It is for these reasons that Grace – after providing an exclusive place for young women to live and learn for more than half a century – became gender inclusive in 2022.

Everyone has a place at Grace!

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