Fees & Scholarships .

Fees & Packages .

Next year, Grace College is welcoming a new generation of students with a new way of providing our services. You can now tailor your package to your individual preferences, so you get what best suits you and your lifestyle.

Pay less, get more .

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and making college accessible, we offer a variety of packages depending on your needs.

  • All-inclusive packages which includes accommodation costs and all meals
  • Basic Community packages which includes accommodation costs plus your selection of meal plan

Your package is then combined with your Student Club Membership and O-week activity fees (these are waived for 35 week, all-inclusive packages) to give you your total.


Living + Meals Package


Student Club Membership


O-Week Fees

Contract length & weeks of residence .

Our weeks of residence correspond to UQ learning periods, with semester one running 18 weeks (17 academic weeks + Orientation) and semester two running 17 weeks. The college closes over the June / July winter break and the December / January summer break. If you need to stay at college between semesters, we offer accommodation-only Holiday Stays.

For value and peace of mind, most residents opt for a full academic year (35 weeks) contract. We also offer single semester contracts for Semester 1 and Semester 2 depending on vacancies.

Packages & Fees for first-year residents .

Discounts and deductions .

As well as our entry scholarships and bursaries, we also offer discounts for full-year all inclusive packages and upfront fee payment.

O-week activities covered

Full year (35 week) all-inclusive contracts receive O-Week fees at no extra cost (saving you $295).

Discounts for upfront payment of fees:
  • For full year (35 week) domestic students $10/pw (~$350 value)
  • For full year (35 week) international students $5/pw (~$175 value)
  • For single semester (17-18 week) domestic students $5/pw ($85-90 value)
Ready to take the next step?

Ready to take the next step?

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