Life at Grace

Life at Grace .

Why choose Grace .

Here, you belong to a warm Gracie community that embraces you on lots of levels. Friends to show you the way and give all the support you need. It’s where you can succeed, be yourself and truly love on-campus living.

Benefits of life on campus .

Here’s your stark choice: wake up every day, slam down a lonely stale piece of toast and instant coffee, then catch a 30 minute public transport ride to UQ. Or, you could wake up right here at Grace College, already on the UQ campus, and join your Gracie friends for a hot, healthy breakfast. Tough choice really.

Uni life made easier

The ease of not having to shop, cook and clean up, gives you time back for your studies.

The shortest commute to the lecture hall

Stroll, skateboard and scooter your way to lectures, tutes, or catch-ups with friends in minutes.

Get an academic edge

Live and learn in a community of your peers, with tailored support so you can achieve your best.

A calendar of sport, cultural and community events

The Inter-College Council (ICC) welcomes you to join the fun and competition on campus.

Extensive facilities, tailored for you

Exclusive access to study spaces, gym, parking, lounge rooms, outdoor areas and more.

Support beyond your academics

A built-in support network of peers, senior residents and staff to help you succeed.

Home for both undergrads and postgrads .

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at with your tertiary studies, Grace College can accommodate you in comfort and with all the support you need.

  • Choose a room type to suit you – room only or with ensuite.
  • Will you need three meals with that? Grace offers flexible meal packages to suit your every need.
  • You can be involved in the Grace community as much or as little as you like. There are so many opportunities to mix and make friends.
  • Being on campus at The University of Queensland is such a bonus. You’re only a few minutes walk from lectures, tutes and UQ’s extensive amenities.

Open to all .

Grace College has now opened its welcoming arms to the broadest cross-section of the tertiary student community, diverse in gender, nationality, culture and religion. For more than 50 years, Grace has been a pre-eminent on-campus residential College exclusive to thousands of female students.

For Grace College and its students, 2022 will be a landmark year as we embrace the most diverse student mix in more than 50 years. Our new progressive approach is now gender inclusive, welcoming undergraduates and postgraduates to discover the joys of living and learning in a supportive community.


Making friends for life .

You don’t have to worry about making friends on your first day at university. By attending Grace, you’ve got a ready-made friendship group. Opportunities to branch out abound thanks to our many sporting, social and cultural teams at Grace, and inter-college events widens your network even further.

Friendship is a concept that’s an integral part of the Grace College DNA. Just ask our alumni. For years after, in their working and family lives, they stay in touch with their Gracie friends. When you join Grace, you’re joining this community – an extensive network of current residents, past alumni and future friends. Our inclusive culture means these lifelong bonds you make are with people from all walks of life.


Once in a lifetime experience .

Going away to university definitely falls into this category so you want it to be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Like success in your studies. Like taking advantage of the freedoms offered at Grace, embracing the diversity and community spirit that is alive and well here. And, most of all, like the chance to make lifelong friends and connections.

Discover what makes Grace your home away from home .

NB: This was filmed prior to the college becoming gender inclusive.


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