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Resident Assistants (RAs) are the backbone of the College’s community development program. They help floor groups to get to know one another and share the common floor facilities. RAs also provide practical support like change for the laundry and meal vouchers for guests.

Your RA is one of the first people you’ll meet when you move in to Grace College. She will get to know you and help you to get to know others. She’s happy to chat and to point you in the right direction for support when you need it.

Meet your 2020 Resident Assistants

Sophie or Naps
Sophie Haswell (Naps)

Senior Resident Assistant – Lady Bray 3

Hometown: Tamborine Mountain, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Architectural Design
Favourite thing about Grace: Finding a second family.

Amiee or Sparkle
Amiee Leane (Sparkle)

Lady Bray 2

Hometown: Rockhampton, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)
Favourite thing about Grace: Being a part of a friendly and supportive community. Grace Girls are always up for a chat and willing to help you out.

Catherine or Jive
Catherine Sayer (Jive)

Fletcher 1

Hometown: Smithton, Tasmania
Degree: Bachelor of Regional & Town Planning
Favourite thing about Grace: All of the amazing friends I have made (and pancake day each week).

Ruby or Daffy
Ruby Mogor (Daffy)

Fletcher 2

Hometown: Hervey Bay, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Favourite thing about Grace: Our ‘small but mighty’ attitude!

Jessica or Forte
Jessica Bowen (Forte)

Fletcher 3

Hometown: Mackay, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Favourite thing about Grace: Being around beautiful gals who become family.

Anelia du Plessis (Mascara)

Fletcher 4

Favourite thing about Grace:

Tania or Cherry
Tania Cottrell (Cherry)

Lady Bray 4

Hometown: Hervey Bay, Queensland
Degree: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Favourite thing about Grace: The amazing community of Grace girls that always have your back and give you a few laughs.